Math is all around us.
You’ll find it in art, nature, music, history. It’s a language.
Life is a grand adventure once you uncover its secrets.

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One-on-One Math
Tailored to Individual
Grades 4-12 | Flexible Schedule | Specialized Instruction


The excellent tutors at The Tutors Table coach students around the world to excel in all areas of STREAM (science, technology, robotics, engineering, art, and mathematics) education.


The Tutors Table exists to bring truly connected learning to students around the world.


Our guiding principles of integrity, authenticity, creativity, curiosity, and life-long learning inform every interaction with our students and their parents.


Math is everywhere, it's all around us.

Math has grown alongside human curiosity and human desire to measure and explain our world.

We teach fluency in the language of math, integrating calculation with the conceptual.

We build bridges-- connecting math with physics, chemistry, biology, history, social sciences, and language learning.


Whether it's arithmetic facts or the discovery of higher concepts, we help students fill gaps and better understand the philosophical foundations of math. 

Incorporating movement and rhythm, we connect mathematical relationships through games to provide a deeper, more connected knowing.


Educating in freedom enables the student to learn how to self-educate and provides the tools needed to run their own lives.

Specialty:  Math

Age Range:  9-18

Skill:  Learning to Self-Educate

Goal:  Happy humans who run their own lives


Succulent Leaves

Tami Ordoñez

Driven by an insatiable desire for knowledge, an adventurous spirit, and a passion for dance, I have spent a lifetime studying how we humans learn, make connections and move our bodies.


I am a Renaissance Woman and a life-long learner and educator.


After receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Allegheny College, I studied, performed, and choreographed modern dance in Cleveland OH for a short time before moving to the Washington DC area to get married and start a family. In the Greater DC area I taught ballroom dance and managed a growing studio until the birth of my first child. 


After the birth of my second child, a move to the Chicago area, and several years of being an at-home mom, I began teaching in Waldorf schools. For more than a decade I taught and studied simultaneously all while raising two kids. At the end of all that, I received a Certificate in Spacial Dynamics, a Master of Arts Degree in Education and a Waldorf Teaching Certificate. 


Years of classroom teaching in Waldorf Schools, Charter Schools, and Homeschool enrichment centers have given me a highly developed intuition for what students need and how to really reach them.


I continue to develop connected ways of learning through private tutoring and in micro classes. Whether tutoring math, writing, science, or history, supporting organization and study strategies, or preparing students for SAT, AP, ISEE, or SSAT tests, the same methodology underlies it all--what is our destination, where are we now, and how to do we get from here to there.


Now, I share this knowledge and experience directly with parents and other educators by creating curriculum and providing support as a coach and mentor.


Oh! AND I also love hiking, camping, yoga, meditation, dogs, and traveling to visit my children and grandchildren.


"Let's get you back on speaking terms with Math."

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