You know that feeling you get when you have an "Ah-Ha" moment! How would you describe it? Excited. Relieved. Amazed. Happy with yourself. Like you have to share it with someone before you burst. When your child works with the tutors at The Tutors Table, you will get the thrill of seeing your child have this experience. 


Hi! I'm Tami Ordoñez, and I started The Tutor's Table online tutoring and homeschool coaching company to ignite a passion for learning in students around the world. 


As a Waldorf teacher for 14 years, I shared my passion for learning in the classroom. I crafted exciting lessons weaving art and storytelling with history, science, and math.  Giving my students the thrill of discovery is my specialty. However, being a Waldorf teacher, I was limited to sharing these experiences only with Waldorf students. Why should this fun, exciting, and experiential way of learning be reserved for Waldorf students? Doesn't every child deserve to learn this way? I believe so, and now they can.


When you bring your child to The Tutor's Table, you gain

  • a more confident child because we help him close the gap between what he knows and the new material that is confusing to him.


  • a greater understanding of what your child is experiencing because we have a wealth of child development knowledge, and we explain things very clearly to you and your child.


  • a happier child because learning is fun!


Your child gains

  • problem-solving skills because our tutors are experts at helping her connect new concepts with something she already knows.


  • time management skills.


  • the ability to set priorities for study time.

  • confidence in his way of learning and knowing the world.

  • connections between life skills and learning, between math and history, between science and language arts.

  • an adult friend and mentor who has her back.

​And so much more. The benefits you and your child gain from having the support of a private tutor are immeasurable and last a lifetime. 


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Santa Clarita, CA

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