Have you ever dreamed of _________?

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? I have. In fact, I have been dreaming of writing a book for a very long time.

It was a warm, spring day, in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania (the town where I grew up), and I was sitting on the back porch reading a Nancy Drew mystery. I don’t remember exactly which title it was because I was in third grade, and that was the year I read every Nancy Drew mystery that was in print and my school library owned. On this particular day I brought the book home from school and read the entire book, cover to cover, in just a few hours while sitting on my back porch enjoying the warm sunshine. I was so excited and so proud of myself. I read an entire book in one day! I still remember that feeling today, almost 40 years later. That was the moment I thought to myself, I want to write a book someday.

Recently, I turned this dream into a goal. It is my biggest goal for 2017, and it is scaring the &%*# out of me. All those negative inner voices are raising their ugly heads. “Who are you to think you have something important enough to say? Who will want to read it? Who will buy it? Who cares what you know?” And they go on and on. Some days these voices make me feel paralyzed with fear. Other days, like today, I feel determined to take action and do something towards making this dream a reality. That’s where you come in. Will you help me?

My action today is to write this post, announce to you, my friends, family, and my biggest fans that I have this dream, and enlist your support.

What kind of support, you ask? Moral support. Cheer me on. Sign up to receive periodic updates on this project. Share the book idea with your friends and people you know who might benefit from a book like this. Like my Facebook page and my Website so I know you’re with me, cheering me on, and giving me strength and encouragement to keep going.

Ok, so, what is the book about?

I’m glad you asked.

Are you a parent? Did your child recently start school or make a transition to middle school, or high school? How is your child handling this transition? Maybe she is struggling to keep up with the work, organize herself, or manage the new expectations of her to balance school work, extracurricular activities, family life, and social life. How are you handling this transition? Maybe you are feeling pressured because your child just started first grade and already seems to be behind in reading. Maybe you see your child shutting down, losing his natural curiosity and desire to learn. It breaks your heart to see your child struggle with anything, but what can you do? Are you feeling anxious for your child to succeed?

If you answered, yes to any of these questions this book is for you. I work with families every day who are exactly where you are. I help them to understand what their child is experiencing and to relieve the pressure the whole family may be feeling.

After reading this brief post, please answer the following questions:

Is this a book that you would buy and read?

Do you know anyone who needs a book about this topic?

If you would not buy a book on this topic, what topic are you looking for a book to cover?

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