"Resourceful, patient and positive"


Washington, DC

"Great tutor --
Knows a lot of different subjects"


Canyon Country, CA

Resourceful, patient and positive"


Washington, DC

Tami is an experienced educator who bring s a sense of humor, easygoing way to connect with my child, patience, and observation to each session. It's easy to communicate with her, and my child is open to her guidance. Tami is a wonderful tutor.

"Great tutor -- Knows a lot of different subjects"


Canyon Country, CA

Tami has been an excellent tutor for our 8th-grade son. She is always on time, well prepared, knowledgeable, and very good at explaining things. She is kind and patient, and flexible about her schedule. What’s most amazing about her is she seems to be able to handle any subject, math/science or English/history. We are really lucky to have found her.

"Awesome Teacher!!!"



Stevenson Ranch, CA

Ms. Tami is very efficient and experienced teacher. She is very patient and clear about the structure of her teaching. She blends our ad-hoc requests very well in her teaching structure.


She is very compatible with schedules. She works on the time and date that best suits the child. It's been about 8 classes and we see a lot of improvement in his reading skills. He is gaining confidence in reading, which is what we started with. We are very thankful to Ms. Tammi for helping us.

"Wonderful Tutor"


Valencia, CA

Tami has been tutoring our daughter for several weeks in Algebra and it has made a huge impact on my daughter's understanding and comprehension of the subject. She is very patient, always comes prepared and allows time for questions. My daughter's confidence in the subject has increased and Tami has empowered her to work through problems while offering guidance and support. I highly recommend Tami!



Connected Learning Everywhere

Based in Burbank, CA

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Ages: 9 -18
Skill:  Learning to Self Educate

Goal:  Happy, Capable Humans



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