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Being a Waldorf teacher is not for the weak. It takes courage and tenacity to keep moving forward in the face of everything that comes your way. Sometimes life catches up with you and you begin to wonder how you can keep up with all of the demands.


I started a Facebook Group for Waldorf Teachers because I worked in Waldorf Schools for over 15 years in every capacity; administration, class teacher, subject teacher, faculty chair, board member, etc.


Like so many of you, I wore many different hats. I worked long, exhausting hours, put my students, my colleagues, and the school all before myself, and looked forward to breaks and summer to catch up on sleep, reading, and renewing myself for the next school year.


The Ultimate Support Group for Waldorf Teachers is a place to share your experience, questions, and challenges with other Waldorf teachers.


Share what inspires you and motivates you as well as those challenges that cause you to lose sleep at night. Let this be a safe place where we can inspire, motivate, and help one another.


Click here to join the Ultimate Support Group for Waldorf Teachers Facebook Group. 


**This is a closed group open to anyone who is a Waldorf Teacher anywhere in the world. 

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